Jason Borras

Econometrician, Forensic Real Estate Expert, Consultant

Mr. Borras is an expert in real estate damages, serving as the Operations Director and Research Analyst at Strategic Property Analytics. He offers consulting and analysis for litigation or negotiation purposes in the global real estate market. With extensive experience in analyzing property value claims, Jason, an econometrician with over 6 years of experience, contributes to published articles on PFAS contamination and holds leadership roles in various professional bodies, including serving as the 3rd advisor for the Southern Branch of SCCAI and membership chair for Chapter 67 of the IRWA. Additionally, he co-chairs the SCCAI's LA & OC Market Trends Seminar and the Litigation Seminar.

Mr. Borras has advanced knowledge in various areas, including environmental contamination, eminent domain, construction defects, geotechnical, title defects, and bankruptcy, for a wide range of property types. He is a contributing author to the article "PFAS Contamination and Residential Property Values - A Study of Five US Sites within the Assessment Stage of the Remediation Lifecycle." His expertise extends to complex assignment types, such as environmental contamination, eminent domain, title conditions, construction conditions, geotechnical, and bankruptcy, across different geographies, including the United States (CA, FL, NY, TN, OH, MA, WA, Guam) and Australia.

Mr. Borras received a B.S. in Economics with an emphasis in Econometrics from Arizona State University's W.P. Carey School of Business. He also holds a real estate sales license in the state of California.