Strategic Property Analytic's expertise in property valuation has been pivotal in the resolution of several globally renowned special use property valuation cases. The following cases outlined below provide examples of the cases we have worked on. Please note that many of our projects are ongoing and confidentiality precludes us sharing further details.


Various Locations “Highest and Best Use” (HaBU) is an appraisal analysis that establishes the most valuable use of a property based on its legally permissible, physically possible, financially feasible, and maximally productive use. An accurate HaBU analysis is the heart of any valuation but is even more relevant when it comes to mineral properties. There’s no better example than San Diego Gas & Electric v. Schmidt; in this case, SPA’s analysis of Highest and Best Use set the standard for greenfield valuation in California State courts.


LA Lakers Arena

Formerly Staples Center Retained by the City of Los Angeles to appraise numerous parcels being acquired through eminent domain for the assemblage and development of the Staples Center.

Milwaukee Brewers Stadium

Studied the impact on proposed development resulting from a superfund site associated with a baseball stadium. Field research involved visiting and documenting the surrounding uses at every major-league baseball stadium in the United States and Canada.

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